Children Law: Essential Legal Terms Explained You Need To Know About Law On Children!

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Hurry up and get YOUR copy NOW? Mastering Essential Legal Terms Explained About LAW ON CHILDREN?With a clear, concise, and engaging writing style, Dr. Peter Johnson will help you with a practical understanding of lawyer law topics about children's rights, responsibilities for child protection, care and education, children's duties; provide you a road map to navigating law on children rules and help you build a foundation for understanding the overall picture and much much more. This book delivers extensive coverage of every aspect of the law and details the duties a paralegal is expected to perform when working within law on children. High-level, comprehensive coverage is combined with cutting-edge developments and foundational concepts.As the author of the book, I promise this book will be an invaluable source of legal reference for professionals, international lawyers, law students, business professionals and anyone else who want to improve their use of legal terminology, succinct clarification of legal terms and have a better understanding of law on lawyers. All legal terms and phrases are well written and explained clearly in plain English.Here is a preview of exactly what you will learn: Interpretation of TermsNon-Discrimination Against ChildrenResponsibilities for Child Protection, Care and EducationExercise of children's rightsProhibited ActsFinancial Sources for The Work of Child Protection, Care and EducationInternational Cooperation On Child Protection, Care And EducationChildren's DutiesThings Which Must Not Be Done By ChildrenSupporting Activities For The Cause Of Child Protection, Care And EducationChild-Support FundsDisadvantaged ChildrenThe Work Of Protection, Care And Education Of Disadvantaged ChildrenState's Policies Towards Disadvantaged ChildrenForms Of Support For Disadvantaged ChildrenConditions For Setting Up Child-Support EstablishmentsOperation Funding Of Establishments Supporting Disadvantaged ChildrenService Activities Of Child-Support EstablishmentsOrphans Having No One To Rely On And Abandoned ChildrenDefective Children, Disabled Children And Children Being Victims Of Toxic ChemicalsChildren Infected With HIV/AIDSChildren Doing Heavy Or Dangerous Jobs Or Jobs In Exposure To Toxic Substances, Children Working Far From Their FamiliesSexually-Abused ChildrenChildren Addicted To NarcoticsAnd Much Much More!.............................Don't delay any more seconds, scroll back up, DOWNLOAD your copy NOW and start the journey of mastering essential legal terms explained about Law on Children TODAY!Tags: children law, law on children, children law books, child rights law, child law books, child custody law, child support laws, law books for lawyers, legal terminology and phrases, legal vocabulary, law vocabulary, legal words you should know, legal terms, legal dictionary, legal words, legal terms and meanings, legal language, common legal terms, legal terms used in court, dictionary of legal terms, legal phrases, legal documents, legal education, legal english dictionary, law dictionary, legal kindle books, law books for students, legal terms dictionary, legal documents, dictionary of law, legal english dictiona

  • | Author: Dr Peter Johnson
  • | Publisher: Independently Published
  • | Publication Date: Apr 02, 2019
  • | Number of Pages: 71 pages
  • | Language: English
  • | Binding: Paperback
  • | ISBN-10: 1092437800
  • | ISBN-13: 9781092437806
Dr Peter Johnson
Independently Published
Publication Date:
Apr 02, 2019
Number of pages:
71 pages