A Book Of Shorter Stories - Volume Iii

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As in Volume I and II, this Volume features another 12 stories, complete within themselves, depicting the lives of different people. Each story has its synopsis at the beginning to tell the reader what it is all about. here are the stories: Marmaduke: When Divie finds a kitten for her little brother Robert trouble is brewing not long after when the cat is found in the resident dog basket. the family decrees the cat has to go. But Robert has grown to love the cat and if it has to go, he will go as well. When mother calls her son in the morning, both her small son and the cat have gone. Mr Bannerman's Ordeal.Leonard Bannerman is the teacher at a new school. At the start he is told there will be troublesome girls in his class and he needs to beware. Mr Bannerman is well aware since at another school, through sheer luck he is found innocent of a rape that never took place. Sandro Velosi's Secret. Sandro is a magician of great renown. But when he crashes his car and dies alone in the flames questions arise, for the bones recovered from the wreckage are those of a women. Moirai's Fate. Moirai is a very rich and successfuch writer but a character in his last blockbuster has jumped from the page and become real. A monk tells him that his life is preordained and 'they' all had had a hand in his birth. Greorgy Manning's Owl. Hector Bailey, a farmer has two sons, Christopher and James. to Christopher he gives the farm and to James money. James is not happy for he thinks his brother has the better deal. He wheedles more cash out of his father to compensate and eventually all father's cash has ended up with James. When Christopher realises this fur flies. The Maestro. Marcus Easterwood has pulled out of the rat race to become a gentleman of the road. There he meets Bert of likewise disposition and the pair strike up an unlikely friendship. Or not so unlikely as it turns out. the Spire of St. Magdalene. To a young couple a second child is born which has a defect. the child, a girl cannot walk but when she tells her older brother that there are anglels around the spire of the church, her parents grow alarmed. An Anniversary. Joan has not seen her sister who resides in America but now she has come back she sends out an invitation to her and her family. Joan wonders what this invitation might be for but she remembers that her sister has always been unconventional. She has never explained how her first husband and child had died. Anny Gregson's Dream. Annie has weird dreams in the middle of the day. Sitting on a bus she has this dream of a lonely lane where she is sitting on a bench waiting for another bus when she sees a man in the distance approaching and as he comes near she sees he has a sabre and has come to kill her. He stands over her, but never completes the action, when she wakes up and is haunted by that dream. A Secret Not Told. Georgina tells her sister her husband has failed to come home after a business trip to the Cayman Islands. She thinks he has left her. Her Sister, Serena tries to comfort her saying that she is sure he has only been delayed. Secretly though she wonders herself for she is having an affair with her sister's husband and he has not turned up for their tryst. She too wonders what has happened to him. 13 Malvern Drive. Mary Pinkerton can't accept her husband's superstitious ways. She wants to move into a house with the number 13 but her husband has reservations because of ghosts. Cahal Magee, his neighbour and chess partner has to listen to George;s stories about resident ghosts. The Lottery Win. Yorgi Yansky buys a scratch card on the spur of the moment. He has won £10,000 but does not recognise the win. In any case in the rush for his bus the scratch card slips out of a hole in his pocket. A young boy finds it but also cannot see the win. but a shopkeeper can when he checks it on his machine. He does not tell the boy but keeps the win.
  • | Author: Ines C. Rothen
  • | Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • | Publication Date: Oct 21, 2017
  • | Number of Pages: 260 pages
  • | Language: English
  • | Binding: Paperback
  • | ISBN-10: 1537641344
  • | ISBN-13: 9781537641348
Ines C. Rothen
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date:
Oct 21, 2017
Number of pages:
260 pages