They Kill Those Whom They Don't Like

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They Kill Those Whom They Don't Like tells real-life stories of one Regent Exeter, who has died, and of the author of this book, Mohini Hersom. Here, the author speculates that they will kill off unpopular people. Behind-the-scenes details of immigration proceedings, intimate scenes (not sexual) of doctor patient-relationships are provided. Mohini uses the flashcard mehod of communicating events. The end of the book of 76000 words has a glossary of terms, list of proper nouns, list of slides with explanation and frequency of occurrence of frequently-occurring keywords of this book. Regent, orphaned in his youth had an untimely death. Psychiatric chemicals systematically attacked his vital organs and slowed down his heart. His medications are banned in several countries because they killed too many folks. The book was written to commemorate Regent. The author's life is also presented. Mohini stresses the hypocrisy of psychiatry and / or the mental health system. These pose as a branch of medicine and science. This prevents people from having facing realites that conflict with vanity, from having honest relationships. It serves as a distraction technique, to hide truths that must be covered up, hoping that all folks succumb to these distractions. These distraction techniques, if eliminated, would create an altered environment where some lives that are being lost would be saved. There was not just foul play from the medical side but also from the non-medical side, Mohini claims, in the death of Regent Exeter. Mohini presents her eugenic theory here. A man was once angered she said eugenic policy existed in the state. He asked Mohini if she was castrated by the state to prevent her from having children. This has not happened so I don't want misunderstandings. Mohini is referring to eugenics that happens in an immigration detention centre, where, she claims, women who present a "doormat personality" are released into the British community and not deported back to their countries. This places a systematic filter on which personality types can enter. Such control (on who enters national territory) may be less possible when Non-British women enter the UK via other categories, such as work or marriage visas if those relationships proceed smoothly. Mohini questions the common affirmation that the UK seeks intelligent or educated people. Since 2006, the UK government want her, an educated scientist to beg on India's streets, or rot away in one of 36 Panjab mental hospitals. A UK Indian lawyer encouraged the state to do this. She can justify all these things with copies of formal documents. Since 2018 when she left the UK voluntarily after leaving a Liverpool cardiology ward, she is in another EU state which wants to deport her into a geriatric WOMEN'S home in India. I am no candidate for a geriatric home, as all buttons in my control panel work, says Mohini. They want to do this in a way that nobody understands they are doing it. She invokes the concept of "hidden laws" and "secret landmines". She is never going to consent to deportation to India, where she has nobody and nothing. But my deportation can still happen. Mohini claims she has access to no commodities except women and illiteracy. Speaking to a man is harder than escaping from Alcatraz. Would someone verify I am not delusional? Is my (bad) name Adolfina Hitlerona, or am I just a common murderer? Where are the charges? Am I being assassinated like Regent, and was he assassinated at all?
  • | Author: Mohini Hersom
  • | Publisher: Mohini Hersom
  • | Publication Date: Feb 28, 2022
  • | Number of Pages: 510 pages
  • | Language: English
  • | Binding: Paperback
  • | ISBN-10: 1838355723
  • | ISBN-13: 9781838355722
Mohini Hersom
Mohini Hersom
Publication Date:
Feb 28, 2022
Number of pages:
510 pages