About Us

"Libro" is the Italian, Spanish, and Filipino word for "book". “LibroWorld” is simply means “BookWorld”.

We started the website in 2021 to provide alternate options to buy Books (“Libros” in Spanish) at Best Prices online.

Currently we are selling books through our USA website “LibroWorld.com” and newly started website in UK “LibroWorld.co.uk”. Our USA website currently offers more than 1Million books ready to ship worldwide within 2-3 business days. UK website also offers more than 400K books ready to ship within 24hours in UK. With Faster shipping and Faster Delivery, Easy Returns, Payment Protection we have won the hearts of thousands of customer in USA.

Our websites currently offers books in various categories from Biography & True Stories, Children’s & Educational, Fiction & Related Items, Non Fiction, Romance, Medical, Society & Social Science, Humanities and more.

Our Mission

Offer millions of books to the readers around the world, where they can come online and find all the books they ever wanted to read in single place with piece of mind.

Our Vision

Provide alternate and best options for readers around the world who are waiting to put their hands on books in single place with best prices.

What makes “LibroWorld” different?

  • Primary Goal is to provide Best Prices on books.
  • Vast Selection of books to choose.
  • Faster Shipping & Delivery.
  • We are small company so we can provide in person help to our customer.