Tarot For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide To Tarot Card Meanings, Psychic Tarot Reading, And Simple Tarot Spreads

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Learn everything there is about tarots, tarot reading, tarot cards and much more to uncover psychic secrets about you that you never knew existed! Do you wish you could know yourself better? Do you aspire to have an uncanny ability to be aware of what the future holds for you? Do you wish to make well-informed decisions in life? Do you want to have clarity on your goals and aspirations in life so you do not keep juggling between different goals and stick to what you actually believe and genuinely want? Do you wish to have foresight about the threats and challenges awaiting you so you can act proactively and deflect the problems on time? Do you wish to have more awareness of the many opportunities that await you? Do you want to be more intuitive so you can unlock your sixth sense and use its power to build a better life for yourself? If you answered these questions with a yes, it is only right for you to learn the powerful art of tarot card reading. Tarot cards may just seem amusing to you and you may not perceive them as something valuable, but that is only because you are unaware of how tarot reading works and its wondrous power, and no, it is not magic (though it will feel like it) and it will not transform your life in minutes. But yes, it does equip you with more intuition, awareness and insight into yourself and your life so you can make better decisions. With the ability to read tarot cards, you can definitely become the real driver of your life and steer it in a direction you actually wish to take. You will see your relationships thriving, your work life perking up, your personal life becoming more exciting and your overall ability to be more intuitive and do what is right will improve. To achieve this, get started by reading this book. This book is a comprehensive tarot card-reading guide for beginners and helps you understand how tarot reading works. It also provides beginner friendly knowledge about simple tarot card spreads and helps you learn the different reading techniques, which you can use to better interpret the hidden meaning in the tarot cards and make the most of it. To be more specific, the book will teach you the following: What tarots are and what they can do for you How to make the most use of tarot cards to bring out the best in you How to prepare yourself for a tarot card reading to get the most out of the process How tarots work in the real world and how to leverage on how they work to your benefit The ins and outs of the powerful art of tarot card readings Beginner friendly approaches to tarot card reading The rules of the game as far as accurate tarot card reading is concerned How to interpret the readings you get by applying the general meanings of various card readings The meaning of each of the major arcanas What each of the minor arcanas means An insider look into tarot card spreads What to do after a tarot card reading exercise to ensure you don't water down on the effects And much more! Don't worry; if anything sounds confusing in the description, the book will clear everything up to ensure you bring your A game when getting started as a beginner in the world of tarot cards! Click Buy Now in 1-Click or Buy NOW to start unlocking secrets about your own life that only tarot cards can help you to unlock!

  • | Author: Jared Amon
  • | Publisher: Independently Published
  • | Publication Date: Jul 30, 2019
  • | Number of Pages: 86 pages
  • | Language: English
  • | Binding: Paperback
  • | ISBN-10: 1086316061
  • | ISBN-13: 9781086316063
Jared Amon
Independently Published
Publication Date:
Jul 30, 2019
Number of pages:
86 pages