The Most Dangerous Thinker - 9781543493580

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Whom do you tell? Who would have believed it? Sometimes you see a priest, pastor, or imam being led off in handcuffs because he molested children, having been found fornicating and committing adultery, while his superiors are concerned with the church's image or the mosque's reputation and have a nonchalant attitude towards the victims crying out for help. It wouldn't be funny to see the chief executive officer of one of the world's biggest corporations being sentenced to life imprisonment for embezzlement, leaving millions of employees without their jobs, their homes, or their life savings. What about politicians who sell their votes for personal gain, betraying the trust of the masses and callously disregarding the needs of those they promised to care for? They are stealing in the name of a party platform. I wouldn't be surprised to see nurses, doctors, managers, and supervisors from hospitals, nursing homes, care agencies, and residential homes being sentenced to life imprisonment, turning mad, and becoming killers of mental health patients because of injustices, bad treatment, and mischievousness. How much do managers give to those in positions below them, maltreating them for no reason? The managers refuse to train the junior employees because the former don't want the latter to attain a managerial level. How interesting it will be to hear that every story we read in the newspapers today is as a result of phone hacking. We think we are reading nice stories, but some people's personal information has been leaked in a way that hurts them and their precious families. This happens all over the world. Then it is reported in the world news as if it were good news. What about police? They are harbouring criminals and collecting bribes to pervert the course of justice, refusing to do certain investigations. Doctors are not left out. Millions of patients trust doctors to heal them, but then the doctors turn into assassins. What about civil servants working in the government? They promised to do the job, but they are not doing it. Hey, my friend, what about the teachers who are to teach and instil knowledge in young people so they can become good leaders in future? They eventually turn into businessmen and businesswomen, refusing to let their students pass their examinations, following young women around and harassing them, deceiving them with the little money they get to feed their families at home because they want to see their knickers! One of the most lucrative fields in the world to work in today is the travel industry, but it has been polluted beyond a doubt. To secure a booking or get a ticket to travel abroad to the country of your choice for holiday, you might end up paying extra fares or paying through the back door. Oh, dear God, have mercy; I know you are watching our movements! People are killing in the name of religion, which is another escalating news story. Around the world today, we can see a lots of groups with different names springing up, such as ISIS, Boko Haram, and al-Qaeda. These and many others think they are seeking the face of the almighty God, but this is a lie. They are committing crimes-killing, stealing, kidnapping-in the name of God. God hasn't sent you to kill but to love one another and bring the lost soul to his marvellous life!

  • | Author: Ezekiel Dayo Adetunji
  • | Publisher: Xlibris Uk
  • | Publication Date: Jan 29, 2019
  • | Number of Pages: 58 pages
  • | Language: English
  • | Binding: Hardcover
  • | ISBN-10: 1543493580
  • | ISBN-13: 9781543493580
Ezekiel Dayo Adetunji
Xlibris Uk
Publication Date:
Jan 29, 2019
Number of pages:
58 pages